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We have several years experience repairing laptop and desktop computers . Sometimes it is best to resolve problems while the computer is connected to all of your home or office devices. Other times it’s best to bring the computer in for repairs. We also have the ability to remotely work on your computer. If you are interested give us a call and we can discuss that with you personally.

We have FOUR major area’s of SERVICE:

1) Computer Repairs of both PC’s and Mac products.

2) IT AND BUSINESS Services. We provide solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. Large multi-site network installation or On-call IT department at a fraction of the price of a single IT employee.

3) Network installation. We can help you with all your network requirements whether it be installing network points for users, wifi range extenders or setting up your office we can definitely get you on line in no time !

4) Website Services. We build websites and also help to drive traffic to your website. All the sites we do we offer keyword research and search engine optimization for both on page and off page SEO efforts.

The key to our success has been providing personalized service to as many people as we can.

Why choose Computer Repair Johannesburg?

Highest quality computer/laptop repair

Your computer is important whether it is used for business, school or leisure. Since it is used daily, you must seek a professional to service your computers.

Time and again, we have heard of clients letting their co worker’s son fix their computer. This usually makes things worse or the problems eventually come back.

Get the job right done the first time and bring it to computer repair Johannesburg.

Fast turnaround time

Affordable Prices

We offer computer repair service at a “working man’s” price. Our overhead is low so your price will be too! Free Estimates – Call us for a free quote.

please note we charge 350 for a call out but it includes 1 hour onsite support. If the problem cannot be resolved in that hour our normal fee will apply.

We will do everything possible to fix your computer fast and at an affordable price.

No hidden fees – The quote is what you pay, not a Rand more. For our monthly Sla customers We are available 24 hours a day, ready to help with any computer issue.

All your questions will be answered regarding your computer or laptop repair.


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